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- some nature in a glass, less than 1L

                  The sun on the edge of the pond
Another attempt to create a tiny, working aquarium in a large wineglass. Quite like Femto #1, but with a different layout: More branches, less open space, pebble on the ground and a few other plants. This create a somewhat brighter appearance. Read about the build below.

C:   20-25
pH:   6,5-7,2
dKH:   12-18
S:   0,5-2,0
E/M2/s:   90-125
Litre:   0,975

THE ANIMALS Click on the picture to learn more

2 Neocaridina davidi, Blue Diamond

Daphnia pulex, Daphnia or Water Flea
THE PLANTS Click on the photo to learn more

Anubias barteri var. nana
, Dwarf A.

Micranthemum tweediei, 'Monte Carlo'

Eleocharis pusilla,
Aquarium Grass

Cladophora aegagropila, Marimo


A large wineglass, 0,975 L

The lit is 1 mm thick, oval glass, to let some fresh air in

A single magnet to hold the lamp, letting it twist to the side

The groundcover is dark pebbles

The branches are corkscrew hassle; Corylus avellana 'Contorta'

The light is a singe LED on a wire, glued to a washer

                             THE THOUGHTS
It is pretty much same lay-out as Femto #1, but with a few other plants, filled with more hassle branches and no linden bark. I pinched a bag of fine castle-gravel at the church-yard, and picked out the darker pebbles to fill the bottom. Again, the magnifying effect make it difficult to arrange the interior - unless you do it with the water in.
I will not have fish in such a small aquarium, only tiny water-bugs. We have quite some odd looking bugs in the wild, and I try some locals. They are from the ponds in the local park (and  a big blue shrimp, as she had eggs, and I wouldn't spoil the guppies in the Pico).
The plants are from around the world, bought in pet-shops. It is really hard to find plants, small enough, especially as they look three times as big, due to the glass' magnifying effect! The water is tap-water, containing some calcite.
Again, the LED light sits on a magnet, glued to the outside of the glass. The light can then be turned to the side, to give room for maintenance.
The two Hassle branches are screwed together, and can be twisted to fit through the opening of the glass. In one side, a 2 centimetre stone have some Aquarium Grass, attached. I squeezed some Marimo Algae in-between the branches. A small Dwarf Anubias sits on one branch. The bottom is filled with dark, round pebbles.
The expenses was keep to a minimum, as most was recycle. I spend 2 on the light, 2 on the 5V transformer, 7 on the second hand wine glass, 4 on the lit, 3 on the blue shrimp and additional 7 on the 2 new plants = 25.
The photos to the right show the magnifying effect.

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