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Sinningia insularis

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Photo of the caudex by Diego Armentano,

Author: Alain P. Chautems, 1990
Origin:  Alcatrazes; SE Brazil
Soil:  Rich Mix
Water:  Medium - Maximum
Sun:  Maximum
Thickness:  6 Centimetres
Height:  10-20 Centimetres
Flower:  Red - Orange
Propagate:  Seeds
Names:  -
Synonyms:  Rechsteineria insularis, Frederico Carlos Hoehne, 1958

This member of the Gesneriaceae family was given this name by Alain P. Chautems in 1990. It is found on the island of Alcatrazes, outside Sao Paulo, Brazil, growing in a well drained soil with quite some water and lots of sun. The caudex can grow to six centimetres in diameter, the entire plant to 20 centimetres in height. The flowers are orange to red.

The genera is named after Wilhelm Sinning,1792–1874, a gardener of the Botanische Gärten der Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. The species name means 'from an island'.