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Pachypodium rutenbergianum

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The flowers by Charles Rakotovao,

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Author: Wilhelm Vatke, 1885
Origin:   Western Madagascar
Soil:  Sand - Mix
Water:  Medium
Sun:  Maximum
Thickness:  30-60 Centimetres
Height:  3-8 Metres
Flower:   White
Names: -
Synonyms:  Pachypodium meridionale,  Pichon.
Pachypodium rutenbergianum var. perrieri Poiss. 1924.
Pachypodium rutenbergianum
var. sofiense Poiss. 1924.

This member of the Apocynaceae family was given this name by Wilhelm Vatke in 1885. It is found in all the way from the north to the south of the western Madagascar, growing in a sand or another well drained soil with some water and lots of sun. The trunk can grow to 30-60 centimetres in diameter, the entire plant from three to eight metres in height. The flowers are white.

The genera name from Greek; pachys; 'thick' and Greek podion; 'small foot' for the thick caudiciform trunk, formed by some species. The species is named after Christian Rutenberg, 1851-1878, a German explorer and botanical collector.

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