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Myrmecodia beccarii

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Photo by Dave Kimble,

Photo by Derrick,

Author: Joseph Dalton Hooker, 1886
Origin:   Queensland; North-Eastern Australia
Soil:  Epiphytic
Water:  Maximum
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  21 Centimetres
Height:  30 Centimetres
Flower:   White
Names:  -
Synonyms:  Epidendroides tetrandra, Sol.

This member of the Rubiaceae family was given this name by Joseph Dalton Hooker in 1886. It is found in north-eastern Australia, growing as an epiphyte with lots of water and some sun. The caudex can grow to 21 centimetres in diameter, the entire plant to 30 centimetres in height. The flowers are white.

A key to the genera of the HYDNOPHYTTNAE is found on the Myrmecodia alata page.

The genera name means 'ant head'. The species name after Odoardo Beccari, a botanist who have named several other Rubiaceaes.

Photo by Derrick,

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Photo byDave Kimble,